Support Group (English-speaking) Haarlem

Group work is medicine for the soul.

Struggling is universal. You might think you are unique in your suffering, yet you are not. You are not alone.
On the difficult, dark, lonely, or heavy days, it can be balm for the soul to be part of a community, to belong, to be seen, heard, and supported.
There is a place for you in our support group.

We offer weekly support group meetings in-person at our location ‘Wijkcentrum Binnensteeds’ in the city centre of Haarlem.

Every Monday at 19:30, walk-in at 19:00 – please contact us first!

Wijkcentrum Binnensteeds
Nieuwe Groenmarkt 20
2011TW Haarlem

For more information, feel free to contact us.

Whatever it is you are struggling with, know that you don’t have to hide and carry it all by yourself. So much of what breaks us and holds us down is shame.
Often, there is a layer of shame that can only truly move if it is witnessed, loved, seen, and accepted by community.

Sometimes all a shift takes is witnessing someone else in the group opening up about struggling and moving through something you are moving through as well.
No matter what you need, if you only want to listen and belong, if you want to share, witness, learn or get advice.

Adres: Wijkcentrum Binnensteeds
Nieuwe Groenmarkt 20
2011TW Haarlem

Contact: Maren: 06 - 132 899 59
0800 - 0200 596

Phone: Feel free to call, text, or message us on WhatsApp



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